This inspiring video shows how elite-controlled-media manipulates your opinion RIGHT NOW.
America, this is your best chance, don’t lose it:

and more:


18 Responses to “RON PAUL is EXPLODING”

  1. brian tan (@18syhabk666) Says:

    can you tell me what is the song title used to make this video? thank you very much.

  2. Paul Lukitsch (@Charming_Darkly) Says:

    Nice job sticking these links all over the web!!

    I found this at some file sharing site — out of nowhere!!

    Its strange — but awesome and inspiring!

    Good job!

  3. john Says:

    incredible! its really very diffifult to realize that these things are happening right infront of our face thank you to whoever posted this on filecrop its defenitly changed my mind on who should run this country

    and if you can change one mind you can change the world

  4. Lee Chen Says:

    Ron Paul may well be the last chance the US will have in modern times for any real change or improvement in federal government.

    Let’s support Mr. Paul with everything we’re worth.

  5. Jeffrey P. Colin Says:

    Ron Paul is a Racist Right-Wing Moron who pretends to be for something Populist, but is little more than another Corporate Shill! If you vote for him, you are just voting for another Fascist!

    • awakencrowd Says:

      There are no facts proving that. No video, just a piece of computer text appeared out of nowhere which Ron Paul denies.
      Your opinion is a result of an ordinal disinformation campaign against him.
      Racist, populist, fascist, mason, what next, eats kids ?

      I don’t know who Ron Paul really is, and nobody knows, maybe he is just good lier, but I know for sure WHO ALL OTHER CANDIDATES ARE.
      He is being ignored by main stream media and only this one fact makes him good candidate to change current corrupted system.

      No matter who he is – it is probably better to choose him, because, you know, he the only one who speaks reasonable, and if he lies – you lose nothing, because all government already f#cked up. But if he speaks truth – this gives hope and chance.

  6. Warwick Hunt Says:

    Only Ron Paul can save us by exposing the truth about how JFK shot Elvis on the moon!

  7. jay Says:

    Ron Paul stands for FREEDOM…point…blank…period, enough said. Wake up you “sleepers” and take the RED pill!! Damn…

  8. A. Non Says:

    Didn’t Borat Osama inspire the same kind of hope, at least Ron Paul inspires deeper feelings, and YES he does speak a lot more sense than the current dogs of war in power and their media engineers, even the uk can see this, the trouble is this decade is a time of incredible distrust, which creates a confusing fog – which isn’t always easy to navigate…

  9. menfree4 Says:

    Ron Paul is the REAL DEAL! He is the only candidate who knows the truth and speaks of changing how fucked up congress really is. If you look at the core of all the worlds problems its the fact that the U.S. doesn’t print their own money. It’s the Federal Reserve which isn’t federal at all. No federal than federal express. The Federal Reserve is a private bank for the bankers and the evil ones. They do nothing for the people. Fix the FED and the whole world will fix itself. The dominoe affect. Watch this for the truth. Go to youtube or do a search if they took it down and watch: ZEIGHTGEIST ADDENDUM then you’ll understand. RON PAUL 2012! Wake up America! America is waking up and the world is waking up too. FREEDOM ISN’T FREE! – U.S. Veteran

  10. Jamie Says:

    well said. and to the guy who called him all those names – DO YOUR HOMEWORK… you know OBVIOUSLY NOTHING about Ron Paul. mEasy to run your mouth about anyone these days yet few on this earth could walk a week in his shoes. He stands for what is right for everyone and looks corrupt politicians in the eye while he does it… my type of guy!

  11. Daniel Says:

    Ron Paul has been on my radar since the ’80s. I don’t agree with him on a few things, and some of those (such as immigration) are important enough that I will not vote for him. But he is a good man, and the most decent person found on the ballot.

    • awakencrowd Says:

      So, you choose Obama ?

      • wes Says:

        So where is this massed ballot of GOOD MEN you find more attractive to your taste. And while I’m on subject where also are these Decent Men waiting in the wings of power. Seems as though your judgement is on the same level as naming the winner of the World Series.
        This time round is not a game, its deadly serious. So vote Ron Paul or enroll in your nearest FEMA Camp.

        For a sense of fair play I have avoid using bad language but it was sorely tempting.

  12. Edward Freeman Says:

    Audio is out of sync to the video play (try using ‘Format Factory’ for converting video and check that the video and sound rates are in-sync).

    All-in-All I think Ron Paul, is like a freight train that could make his deliveries.

  13. wes Says:

    Are you getting that gut feeling that events are growing, escalating, breaching the the Dam of resistance to Ron Paul. It has all the momentum of an unstoppable force and the Corrupt Leaders, Financiers, Corporate low life are being sweep away.
    Their one remaining card is to Kill Him.
    Protect that man well for the Hopes and Futures of us all are in the balance.

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