We’re in so much trouble…

I have tried to stay positive all my life, no matter what it threw at me. I’m a vet, I’m a father, I’m a husband of 25 years, I have worked for what I have. When the Occupy movements started I thought “This was it!” people are finally getting it, and I was dismayed by all the organized infiltration of the movements by those who would see it fail, or worse yet, used for their own ends. I have attended Occupies, and the people are mad, but many of them really have no idea What to really be mad about.

The whole world is in trouble simply because almost all of the Earth allowed itself to be tricked into a debt based economy by people who very well knew what they were doing, and have since bombed and ruined every country not living under this imaginary debt, well, Iran is the largest country “free” from this, that has worked out so well for them, and it’s obvious what’s next.

I believe in peace. I have never “started” a fight in my entire life, I can say that conscience free. Lots of people are like that. So now we’re confronted by the fact that the average person, worldwide, is in serious trouble because of this imaginary debt. Their government are run by the various Banksters in each country, with all the policies and people in government tainted by these people to the point where the people have no say, not really. People have known this in most of the world, and now the “First world” countries are facing it.

So… now we have all the peaceful people trying to change a system based on Evil, Lies, Death, and absolute Corruption… by telling those people they are naughty, and that the peaceful people don’t like it?

I’m sure the Elite are laughing their asses off at this.

Take America, for example. The government condones War, Torture, Free Speech Zones, Taxes of hundreds of varieties, and taking American citizens to Gitmo whenever they like, and a thousand other ridiculous and evil things. The government is paid by the people who WANT all this, and it has been that way a long time. Like most countries.

So you’re gonna fight people who mass murder innocent people (in other countries who can’t ever fight back on purpose), kill their own people with vaccines and aspartame and high fructose corn syrup, and a hundred other things I can think of, by telling them you’re angry? Over half of Americans will have some Type of Diabetes by 2014! Cancer is off the charts. People still think this is all accidental. This is why I am so saddened.

Worldwide a lot of people seem to assume that they have no say, no control, that “Whatever will be, Will be”. The ones who actually try to fight back are called terrorists, and rioters, and looters, and anything it takes to allow whichever government it is happening in to crack down on it’s people, because “they have to.” Then they blame the people for it.

There have been people dying for freedom for a long time, and there are a lot of people who imagine they are free, when it’s anything but.

People then want to argue about Who is the real problem! The Illuminati, the Zionists, the Muslims, the Christians, the Republicans, the Democrats, the Green party, on and on and on. They are so divided and they want to defend whatever “their” version of the truth is so much they alienate other people who simply want peace, because “you are not against the right thing!!!” They argue and fight like children. Everywhere.

Even if you are right about you particular hate group, who freakin cares? Until we ALL get out from under this imaginary debt based system, we are all doomed. Money talks, and guess who has all the money, or even Better! Guess who can type numbers into a computer and make up trillions of dollars at whim? The Global Banks are in control, and I don’t care what planet they are from, or what their history is, it’s time to just look at the reality of our world.

So now we’re in the end phase, global economic collapse/world war 3, and people are still fighting over stupid things. Even worse, are the deniers. They fill me with sadness, for them, and all of us.

People everywhere, who still have some basic comforts, are convinced their “hard work” made it all possible, and that everyone can be them! Everyone can be a success, you just need to work hard! Even while trillions are stolen from everywhere, and all the money has gone into the hands of a few, and they have to pay more and more making less and less, they cling to the idea that it’s all “some lazy people who just want handouts” fault. Delusional thinking. Even as millions starve it’s “their” fault for it. Too many people anyways, just surplus. People actually think this way, and not just in America.

That people can actually think that “protesting” will do any good boggles my head. Yeah, the murdering torturing stealing liars will suddenly bow down to a few angry, but peaceful and not resisting, people! Even better, the “Take your money out of the banks and starve them!” crowd makes me sick. We’ll peacefully fight by sitting in our own little hovel, ignoring the world, and not spending money! Hah! That will teach them!

You really think you’re gonna starve people financially who literally make money out of nothing? REALLY? Talk about even more in denial!

Then there’s the “Hunker Down and wait” people. They got guns, a few bullets, and a some food. They are gonna “ride it out.” LOL! Ride IT OUT!!!! No, you’re gonna sit and wait for them to assault you with a force you can’t survive, because no small groups will be able to make it against this Organized Evil. You are so not “that cool”. You’re just going to wait a little longer to die.

Unless we literally rise up in mass, and end the global debt based system, there is no hope for the future. At All. It’s the only possible strategy to actually change things. If we do it in pieces, they just cut us up in pieces. They have the whole damn world to choose troops from, not to mention the military weapons that make guns obsolete. Ask people in Iraq and Afghanistan how easy it is to take your country back with guns.

We’re at the end of the trip, the cycle is complete, as the world economy dies because of the debt. They have lots of weapons at their disposal, plus the media, plus the people evil enough to turn on their fellow man “To feed my kids!!” and various other excuses. They are organized, they knew this would happen, they have planned for it for a long time, and it’s game time.

And anyone who actually fights back is a terrorist. Anyone who protests is laughed at. Most people are just “waiting to see what happens.” The whole while the machine rolls on towards the cliff, on purpose.

I have never been more sad to be a human. I have never said, EVER… this phrase, but after a lifetime of watching and being involved, I have to say I finally agree with my wife.

We’re doomed. Too little, too late. People are too selfish to care, or too deluded to do what is ACTUALLY required to save us. The world is full of people just worried about “their family” when we’re all part of the one true family, Humanity as a whole. Being divided into oblivion killed us. Trusting people who say one thing, and do another, and STILL don’t get in trouble, has doomed us. Becoming so foolish as to believe in rules that only the masses follow, doomed us. Believing scientists who have been paid off, has doomed us. In days, maybe weeks, we will have more to do than type.



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