Document reveals existence of masonic order in 1760-1780

How do you think science can be used to reveal existence of secret society ?

Kevin Knight, Beáta Megyesi, Christiane Schaefer succeded in decrypting ancient encrypted manuscript named “Copiale Cipher”.

The “Copiale Cipher” is a 105 pages manuscript containing all in all around 75 000 characters. Beautifully bound in green and gold brocade paper, written on high quality paper with two different watermarks, the manuscript can be dated back to 1760-1780.

Transcription, transliteration and decipherment brought to light a German text obviously related to an 18th century secret society, namely the “oculist order”.

In decrypted version of this text I have found many topics related to masonic secret society.

So, this is now fact.
Check it out. You can find more information on website of these scientists here.


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