This is what a police state looks like…

Watch the protesters do completely nothing. Then a woman gets jabbed in by a baton…Seriously?
At 0:41 watch the policeman in the bottom left corner…

You think these actions are illegal and court can punish those police officers ?
No, due to “secrecy reasons” over “national security” they can do almost anything they want spitting on your constitutional rights (proof)


5 Responses to “This is what a police state looks like…”

  1. Zap Saz Says:

    here in Brazil, protest is in support of USP students arrested on Tuesday. Students are also against the Unesp presence of MP on campus

  2. Zap Saz Says:

    The strike and occupation at USP, which has been joined by similar movements in other universities in the state of Sao Paulo and throughout Brazil, is part of a worldwide struggle. Government after government has introduced counter-reforms in the attempt to subordinate higher education to the profit interests of the transnational corporations and banks and to turn colleges and universities into the privatized preserve of a narrow elite.

  3. Bernardo Morais Says:

    How ironic the life can be?

    A fascist state in USA, which export democracy to the whole world.

    Now is the time for wake up! Here in Brazil is not different, but i think its much more complicated.

    Here, the government and main-stream media subverge the information, then turn the public opinion against which other, they create more hate and anger and then creates a “supposed” guilty to be hunted.

    We live at “panis et circenses”.

    The fight will be long but we shall find a way out of this.

  4. Andrew Bolduc Says:

    why would you believe you have constitutional rights our two party system is actually a one party divided system in which they want you to believe that you are supporting a division in which you belong but dems and gop are the same owned by the same groups and both are parties of rich elitist you are just a poor nothing bred for war and slavery liberty died in 1911 and the belief that freedom exists is only taught to you to keep you stupid and now bullets have an expiration date ha ha fools ya should have cops beating your ass

  5. Nathan Says:

    Wow that was crazy…

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