The American Dream

A simple animated explanation of HOW the private Federal Reserve works and WHY it must be stopped

Real events:

Allen Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve Chairman
about the relationship of The Federal Reserve and the President:

Sounds like fairytale, but this nightmare is reality.


21 Responses to “The American Dream”

  1. Jamie Fettis Says:

    Loved the animation!

  2. a.m. Says:

    Frickin! Awesome presentations. Somewhere Arsenio Hall is going……Hmmmmmmmmm. I did not know a lot of this information.
    Thank You.

  3. Sprachnessmonster Says:

    It would appear that Spermin’ Herman Cain was so busy getting his cone honed during his 13 year affair to remember how evil the Federal Reserve Banking system is to realize that an audit and abolition of the Fed is a must.
    That’s just one more reason to support the Champion of the Constitution- Dr. Ron Paul.
    Go Ron go!

  4. jc Says:

    after watching the material presented in the videos i find it ridiculous that there is a credit card ad under the last video.

    the american public needs to be made aware of this info. and its our duty as citizens to reveal the truth(remember civics class, duty) to our fellow patriot so that all the blood sweat & sacrifice that went into building this once great nation wasn’t completely given made or lost in vain. our founding fathers would be astounded to see such rampant apathy amongst its citizens. its time to wake up ppl. when will we rise against these oppressive institutions? hopefully before we all find ourselves being held indefinitely in some f.e.m.a camp (o yea prison camps look it up & read fema’s executive orders, shocking). many of our presidents(the non puppet ones), JFK being the last, clearly warn us of this danger (utube “JFK warns the public”). although i fear that their attempts at informing the american people have all to easily been entombed by their most obvious liquidators. greater fear & astonishment lay in the ease with which these enemies of state competently & dexterously manipulate american citizens, iphone this and hulu that and i want the very newest of anything. lets not forget bs news agencies, more like public relations for their heinous agenda. i hate to say it, but at some point in our nations future their may very well be another civil war or revolution to oust these leeches that have essentially enslaved you and me.

    • mikey Says:

      Yea man I completely understand what ur saying,we all have to get together and create a new revolution,we don’t want it to get to the point to where we the people are slaves and finally realize we should have did something,NO we have to make a change now,.I understand we want peace but if we keep getting arrested and cooperating with authorities when we do they’re just gonna hand cuff us and book us and send us home (how easy) but if we all fight and fight and fight eventually they will give in.

    • Emmet Says:

      Heh heh, the ad underneath was ‘The Hangover Pt II’ for me.
      That’s irony. Oh, you’re American, you wouldn’t understand…

  5. John Says:

    i think the advertisement under the last video is powerful …it juxtaposes the reality of the enduring disparaging treatment of Americas original intent…. along with the playful disgusting worn out package of old tricks used to perpetuate the sinkhole

  6. no1 Says:

    people, do you know who Rothschilds are ? they are the Jewish that are controlling america today, and have the intention to control the world in the near future, they just changed their “name” to Freemasons, and they are the ones making wars in iraq, libya and rioting in other countries, they killed Saddam.H and Col.khadafi with their people, exactly what they did to the Tsar of Russia. Wake Up people, the world is screwed and so fucked up, unless someone someday finds a way to stop them.
    btw, G.Bush was one of them (they plan, he obey), maybe obama too, who knows.

  7. Alex Says:

    What they’re doing is Capitalism, and half of America’s keen on that (Republicans)

  8. martie Says:

    thank you for the information i need so much more information looking at whats going on now the the U.S i understand more now than ever. many pieces of information are comeing to gather.

  9. ramundo jones Says:

    thank u for helping spead the good word and news.. have been keeping up w/ alex jones , jesse ventura and utube about this , haaarp, and the sneek nwo movement and we can hopefull debrainwash the ones that find this serious, am pleased to see some people are actuall waking up to this crisis that our media doesnt even mention.. Thank u and keep up the good work and God Bless u and others in this nation that we still have a firm grasp on as the American People…

  10. Gerald Parker Says:

    This is a good trio of videos to set out clearly the often confused (intentionally) issue of reserve banking and how it affects the freedom and integrity of governing what should be a free and prosperous people. The animation of the first video was especially delightful in its own right. Read the “American Free Press” if you want to follow these matters regularly and with probing news reportange.

  11. Joe S. Says:

    To Alex: We haven’t had capitalism in the U.S. since the early 1900’s. Capitalism is entrepreneurship, not cronyism, not corporatism. Government is not involved in capitalism. The Republican and Democratic parties are controlled by the same elite who run the central banks of the world. There is no difference., except which road to follow to disaster.
    To No1: The Rothschilds may be Jewish, but that no more makes the Jews as a whole responsible than it makes all free men responsible for slavery throughout the ages.
    I wish I could say the video presented new information, but unfortunatelly, I’ve been all too aware of it for too many years, and trying to wake up the American people is a huge chore. They just don’t want to know, because then they’d have to change, to take responsibility for the mess we’re in.
    Kudos to those who made the film.

  12. Warwick Hunt Says:

    Having read what’s written above, it’s clear that bad spellers of America need to unite and take cover!

    Oh, and vote Ron Paul 2012 to make the extremely rich even richer!

  13. Tracy Says:

    these videos are why I always pay cash, do not finance and do not keep a bank account

  14. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Says:

    We’re talking about unchecked aggression here, dude.

  15. Says:

    Hi, Respected Admin
    Your site is like blessing to us.

    Irfan Shehzad

  16. awbw Says:

    thank you for this healthy knowledge 🙂

  17. patriot11 Says:

    Full scale, systematic assassination or wholesale violent overthrow in the order of the French Revolution is the only means by which this organization might be overthrown. Not by peaceful protest, but by the blood of patriots.

    Their plan has been perfect – 40 years of disinformation masked as education has resulted in widespread ignorance amongst our nation’s citizenry. Games and toys have replaced books and intellectual conversation as the standard means of entertainment amongst her masses. And in its worst and deepest blow, the illusion of wealth has supplanted true sweat-bought freedom in the hearts of her people.

    We will soon be hungry. Soon, down-trodden. Soon, bankrupt.
    I can only pray that when the people of this nation have been left starved, robbed, and weary, there will be a cry not for compromise but for blood. Viva la revolucion.

    • bilzer Says:

      revolution is the jesuitical tool of statecraft, rebelion is fomated by those who are astute at steering mobs under the guise of freedom liberty and fair representation. to date in 5000 accountable years of history no revolution or rebelion has have given lasting peace.

      while dictatorship has afforded us social observers an opertunity to see how uniform austerity and oppression has been the most socialy destratifying and stablizing, take for instance china,while socialistic the saftey and homogenization of he public is the fundamental success that democracy (mob rule) has never achieved

      allas dear youric the fault is not in our goverment but in ourselves, and as long as we are selfish , a republic will never work as it will be eclipsed by a democracy and selfishness and greed

  18. bilzer Says:

    this economic system is a beast ( european banking)
    the bible says the whore rides this beast;(harlot church)
    the bible says that the lamb horned beast gives its power to the first beast(usa)
    martin luther said the vatican was the whore that rides the beast
    charls chinniquay said this system was babylon(beast) and the papacy is the whore
    issac newton in his prophecy interpitation agrees
    we live in an hour where the bible predicts that the real ROCK (jesus) will break this system to powder and rubble (daniel chapter 2)

    dont dispair, you live in intresting times,

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